can you paint over stained wood decks

Painting vs Staining a Deck: 7 Big Differences Bob Vila

Both exterior paint and wood stain can do the job, but which offers the better finish Finishing a newly installed wooden deck or refinishing an older one will protect it from moisture- and weather-related damage and Read on for a comparison of painting vs. staining to learn which offers the best defense for your deck.【Get Price】

Painting or Staining a Wooden Deck Fix

6 Aug 2015 Depending on the type of wood you build your deck out of and where you live, leaving the deck completely unfinished While you can go from stain or sealer to paint, you can't really go back the other way without going to 【Get Price】

Refinishing a Wood Deck with Paint or Stain Norton Abrasives

1 Aug 2017 Check the weather forecast before refinishing a wood deck. Any rain or cold snaps can ruin your efforts and force you to start over, so plan at least a 24-hour buffer between your work and any inclement weather. Excess wind 【Get Price】

Paint Over Stain: The Proper Techniques - ProTect Painters

17 Apr 2012 Homeowners often ask, ''can I paint over my existing stain'' or ''can I apply stain over my existing paint'' The answer to both is yes, but each requires extensive prep of your home's exterior or you will end up with a big mess.【Get Price】

How To Stain a Deck. Tips & Hacks Staining A Wood Deck. - YouTube

21 Aug 2015 How to stain a deck with semi-transparent oil based stain. Simple tips and instruction staining a hard wood deck. DIY deck so can I stain over without sanding or stripping it. it's about 1 year old. Loving your site Do you ever do business with local paint/hardware stores rather than Sherwin Williams.【Get Price】

Protecting a Wood Deck with Stain Today's Homeowner

Normally you would need to let the wood dry for two or three days before applying the stain, but this new product called OneCoat from Flood can be applied while the wood is still damp. Whether you roll it on or spray it on, be sure to back brush 【Get Price】

Can You Stain Over Exterior Existing Stain Hunker

Solid stain looks more like paint; it's just thinner and doesn't obscure the texture of the wood as much. Don't use solid stain on a deck or any surface you want to walk on because it's too thin and won't hold up. you can use solid stain over 【Get Price】

When Should I Repaint my Wood Deck Just Rite Painting Mn

How often should a wooden deck be repainted, and at what time of year If you can penetrate a post or joist, it's time for a major renovation – don't paint over it. decks Should you Sand your wood Deck Before painting or Staining【Get Price】

Oil or Acrylic Choose the Right Deck Paint, Stain Angie's List

15 Jan 2016 Here's how to tell what kind of deck paint or wood stain you have and which is best. If you're like many homeowners, spring comes around and you walk out onto your deck only to discover winter has done a number on your 【Get Price】

How to Paint Over Oil-Based Stained Wood Home Guides SF Gate

There is really no painted surface that cannot be re-painted so long as the painter remembers three essentials. Give everything a good surface cleaning, repair any minor scratches and holes and use a compatible paint over the original 【Get Price】

How to Re-Stain a Deck to a Different Color Ready Seal

Remove any existing deck stain color using a paint stripper or sander. Make sure the paint or stain As you wash the deck, use the lowest pressure setting on the washer to avoid damaging the surface of the wood. Using a wide spray across 【Get Price】

Clean, Seal or Stain a Deck - Lowe's

Learn how to test the wood, clean your deck and apply stain or sealer. Then follow the Apply a thin, even coat of sealer or stain over a two- to three-board section with a paint roller with an extension handle or a sprayer. Two thin coats are 【Get Price】

What's the best way to prep a deck before re-staining it How do I re

26 Feb 2011 decks take a lot of abuse from sunlight and moisture -- not to mention a lot of foot traffic. Every two or three years, you need to re-stain your deck to kee re-staining it How do I re-stain a deck Published on Feb 26, 2011.【Get Price】

Should I Paint or Stain My Deck Angie's List

24 Apr 2013 painting, or using a solid-color stain with no sealer, will only help trap that moisture in the wood. Before you stain the deck, I do recommend you have a professional power wash and clean the deck to has been dedicated to helping consumers get the real scoop on local service companies and health 【Get Price】

How to Clean and Restain a Deck - This Old House - YouTube

27 Nov 2014 This Old House general contractor Tom Silva breathes new life into a weather-beaten wood deck. (See below for a How to Clean and Restain a Deck - This Old House. This Old House Published on Nov 27, 2014. This Old 【Get Price】

How to Stain Over Existing Deck Paint Home Guides SF Gate

So, you want to stain your painted deck but you don't want to sand off the old paint. Revive the deck using a solid stain. Unlike thin, transparent stains that penetrate into the wood, solid stain sits on top of the wood, like paint, to form a uniform 【Get Price】

Dont paint your deck, let me show you why, by Power washing

27 May 2009 In this cool commercial / how to, short video shot on location in Mastic NY we attempt to show why its a very bad idea to put painting a exterior wood deck, most of the time, is not a good idea but to paint an exterior wood deck that sits at ground level is definitely a no no. Since paint is not breathable like stain, saturated wood easily results in the paint lifting, bubbling, possibly even 【Get Price】

Should You Paint or Stain Your Deck - Shoreline Painting

28 Sep 2016 The sun will also break down the wood's lignin — the natural glue that holds its fibers together. An older painted deck will eventually need a new paint job, or you might consider stripping and staining it. Stain on a deck will 【Get Price】

How to Paint a Previously Stained Wood Deck Hunker

a much faster, easier experience. All you need is one or two clear, dry days and you can have a newly painted deck instead of your old, stained one. on how humid your climate is. The wood needs to be completely dry before you move on.【Get Price】

Tips on painting or staining your deck - CAA-Québec

For a job well done, wooden decks must be properly prepared and the product applied by the book. If the surface seems to be in good shape and you're painting or staining over an old finish, find out first how well the new coat will stick to the 【Get Price】